Private Organizations/Fundraisers

Private Organzations/Fundraisers

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Definitions and Information

What is fundraising?

The Army defines fundraising as any activity conducted for the purpose of collecting money, goods or other support for the benefit of others (see AR 600-29). All on post fund raising must be approved by the by the Installation Garrison Manager.

Organizations may raise funds on behalf of service balls, and other activities once the Garrison Manager has approved the fundraising event. The Garrison Manager does not approve or sanction informal or private organizations, only the conduct of fundraising on the SOUTHCOM Installation. 

What is the difference between an informal and a private organization? An informal organization is one that is raising funds for a specific event or activity, such as the local Junior Sailors chapter or the Army Ball. They are simply a group of people interested in supporting a sector of the post community. Private organizations are 501(c)(3) non-governmental organizations that hold tax-exempt status with the federal government.

What are funds raised for? There are two types of fundraising activities, Official and Unofficial. Both are permitted on post but there are specific restrictions on how each employee must conduct themselves when raising funds for these activities.

Official fundraising. Federal employees may participate in fundraising in an official capacity only if a statute, Executive Order, regulation, or other source authorizes the fundraising as part of the employee’s official duties. Official fundraising in the Military Services is typically limited to the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) and Service Member Emergency Relief (SER) activities. 

Unofficial fundraising. If any part of the funds raised by an event or effort will go to an organization other than the CFC or an Emergency Relief activity (SER,) the fundraising is considered “unofficial” and is restricted by a variety of rules. SOUTHCOM personnel may not conduct unofficial fundraising on the premises without permission from the Installation Manager as described above.

Official fundraising may be conducted on duty and in uniform, and officially endorsed using titles and organization names.